I understand exactly how you feel because that was how I woke up in the morning until I found a mentor, a coach to work just with me.
Did you know that people who work with a Coach meet their goals more than 90% of the time? Everyone who has pointed themselves towards success needs an independent person to guide them, ask the questions that will help them move in the direction of their dreams, provide effective tools to breakthrough obstacles, and help them move forward with power.

Have you ever wanted more out of life however didn’t know which way to turn, to get it?

If so, have you given up on your dreams, because fear has taken over and you took the back seat and continued to play “safe”?

As a Master a coach, my processes leverage a deep understanding of neurological pathways, empowering people to operate at a whole new level of effectiveness, and achieve life-altering results


My Coaching Style is based on Three Principles:

  • I form a deep rapport with clients, which allows for the coaching to create life-altering results.
  •  I have a tool kit of obstacle busters, which allows for transforming any curve ball life, may throw at you.
  • I am committed to stretching you, without stressing you — we can all use that!

How do we work together?

Are you someone who seeks to learn, grow and evolve?

Based on the content and outcome of our 1hr Complimentary Strategy Session on the phone, we will determine if my style of coaching is a fit for both of us.

Most people like to be coached from the comfort of their own home which saves time and money – plus it goes beyond boundaries… I have current clients in three different continents :)

Fill in your name and contact details in the space provided and ask me to schedule a complimentary 1 hour phone Strategy Session.

What is your style of coaching?

The style of coaching I do is very results orientated, goal based.  We work towards achieving results and break through any obstacles along the way.  We know that not everyone is ready for that, which is ok. You could say that our coaching relationship will be like going to the gym (not the spa). And, so long as I have your permission, I will stretch you (without stressing you) to operate at a whole new level of effectiveness.

How my Results Coaching is different than life coaching or counseling is that it affects you in a powerful and lasting way, with both your conscious AND your unconscious minds engaged.

What is your approach?

We will determine together a tangible approach using various tools for heightened productivity and/or communication skills for an even deeper effectiveness in relationships

How does your coaching work?

The changes you will experience through the coaching we’ll do together, will be fast and lasting changes, at the level of BOTH your conscious and your unconscious minds, so that not only you define what you want, but you also find yourself acting congruent with what you say you want.

See what some of our clients say about us.

“My coach is incredible! I was already operating at a high level in my life and in my business. Being coached by Helen has allowed me to push my limits — I am so impressed how I am soaring to new levels without the added stress.”

James M. Business Owner, London

    “Although Helen was assigned to me as my Coach, I couldn’t have picked anybody better myself.  She’s warm, funny, caring and understanding, and somehow always seems to know exactly what I’m going through better than I do.  I value her advice and I really admire both her honesty and integrity.  Although we’ve never met, I feel as though I would know her instantly.  Her compassion shines through every time I talk to her, and I would be honoured and privileged to be able to call her a friend.”

Jenny L. Financial Services, Singapore

    “I absolutely recommend Helen’s career workshop. I ‘m in sales, and was out of work for 16 months, I didn’t think I would ever get back in to the workplace. With her training & coaching she completely changed my mindset and gave me the tools I needed. She helped me put the pieces together and provided me with that extra something I was missing! Under her guidance, I was able to secure a job within 5 weeks and have already begun to close several national accounts with ease, grace, fun and financial results! She is powerful, and completely committed to YOU and your results!   In a few short words…..Helen is amazing!!!!”

Shirley W. National Sales Manager, Manchester

    “My experience of Helen Roberts as a workshop leader has been long lasting and life changing.  I equally credit the content of a workshop to the proficiency and delivery of the information itself.  As one who has attended many career development workshops and seminars, I earnestly tout Helen as a dynamic speaker, and someone who is truly passionate about empowering others, helping them to be the best that they can be.”

Brad M. Accountant, Dublin.

What Are You Waiting For – Make This Day Your Day, And This Year, Your Year!

If you would like to explore the opportunity of working together provide your name and contact details in the space provided to request your FREE strategy session.

Here’s to being the best that we can be!

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