On Friday evening I finished work and headed out of the City to my house in the country. It’s about a two hour drive. Along the way I thought about the week I had and the people I worked with and the changes they were making and the impact it was having on their life. I felt incredibly satisfied. I felt blessed to be apart of it. I thought back to when I was 15 /16 I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do when I ‘grew up’ however when anyone asked I would always say with certainty “I’m going to make a difference” I didn’t really know which field I would be in or how I was going to do it, I just knew and would always say “ I’m going to make a difference” On that drive home on Friday I realized that I was doing it, that I was the difference in a number of people’s lives. Sometimes it takes one person to give you the confidence, to be an inspiration, to believe in you, to help you on your way to make all the difference for you in your life. I was seeing evidence of it all around me, I was seeing the results.

It then made me look at every other aspect of my life and what I realized was that I approached everything else in a similar way. My family, my friends, running, gym work, health, charity work – I wanted to make or be the difference.

Every Sunday evening I review the week just gone by and plan for the following. I always like to know where I’m headed and to make sure I’m on track and the way I do that is through careful planning, setting objectives and checking in with my goals. It’s always great to review the previous week; to look at what was achieved, what went well and not so well and to understand what needs work.

I am so inspired with the week just gone by; I’m so incredibly grateful to do what I love. I am working with fantastic people all hell bent on changing their circumstances and doing whatever it takes to create the life they feel they deserve. It is incredible to work with individuals that are committed to making a change, prepared to play full out. You know you deserve more and know the only person keeping you from it, is you. I am so proud of the individuals I am working with, you made a decision, and by making that choice you’ve set things in motion to change things. You are prepared to take small steps every single day to help you realize your true potential and fulfill your dreams. The people I work with come from all walks of life and are at varying stages in their life however most commonly across all, they felt stuck in a rut, going nowhere fast and felt there was so much more to life and they wanted to create more for themselves.

Coaching is about taking people from where they are at, to where they want to go. One of the greatest things it has given me is clarity, clarity in every aspect of my life. I have a deep understanding of who I really am and what I’m about. I know I have unlimited potential and can create anything that I set out to.

Where I am at right now is exactly where I’m supposed to be… I feel like I’ve grown in to my body and my mind perfectly.

That’s why I do what I do. I want to make a difference or be the difference in someone’s life.

Why do you do what you do??
How can you make a difference??

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