We’re coming to the end of our first year working on the Wandsworth Foodies business support initiative; for Food and Food related businesses in the Wandsworth borough. We have engaged 1000’s of Pre Start’s, Start Ups & Small & Medium sized enterprises to help them grow.

Firstly, what a privilege & pleasure to work with so many incredibly passionate entrepreneurs. People from all walks of life, paving their way in the hope of a better future. Entrepreneurship is growing from strength to strength, with an average of 600,000 people in the UK starting up a new business every year. There are 338,375 registered SME’s working in Food. It’s the UK’s industry leader for SMEs.

Food is one of the largest employers in the United kingdom. 3.9 million people who work across the supply chain to ensure 27 million households have access to safe affordable quality food. Food touches everyone, every day.

Just to put it in to some kind of context; this is what Food means to our economy today.

Food and Grocery sales are worth 179 bn 50.2% of retail sales. The UK export market was worth 304.4bn in 2016. Food and drink was worth 18.4bn and opportunity to grow. Food employs 3.9 million farming, manufacturing, wholesaling, detailing, catering, industry service providers.

14% of all UK employment is in Food. A staggering; 1 in every 7 jobs.

It’s the UKs largest manufacturing sector.

Food and Drinks 96 billion.

Food and Drinks account for 19% of all levels manufacturing.

Food is continually advancing in the digital world. The companies that embrace Tech have a bright future. The ones that don’t will be left behind.

The online food and drinks market is worth 10.5bn and growing.

The UK has the second largest online Grocery market in the world today after China.

The Food to go market is currently worth 16.1 bn.

Coffee specialists 2.7 bn

Quick serve restaurants 5bn

Food to go specialists 4.6 bn

Convenience forecourt and other retailers 2.5 bn

Food to go is proving more popular with shoppers.

The UK is one of the world’s leading global fair trade markets 1.6 bn in 2015.

Food businesses are essential to our community & economy. Here’s to supporting more people to start up food businesses and to helping small and medium sized businesses grow.

*IGD Data

For more information on our Food Business support programmes feel free to get in touch.

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