Whether you’re a bolt manufacturing company in Bolton, or a hair replacement clinic in Harley Street, or a Financial Services company in the city, it’s utterly crucial to employ and retain the right staff. And, the smaller the company, the more leverage (or mayhem) each individual employee could potentially make upon the organisation and bottom line.

As any well seasoned SME owner will tell you, a business can only rise and fall by the strength of its staff. Get your talent sourcing & retention right, and your business can experience smooth and consistent growth, with burgeoning ROI’s and leapfrogging the competition for market share. Get it wrong and the ramifications can be equally deep – leading to lost opportunity, steep costs and the gut wrenching prospect of having to dispose of staff and start the re-hiring process all over again. That’s time and money most SME’s can ill afford to lose.

Entrepreneurs and SME owners are often so delightfully focused and self driven, that they believe the same of all others. They often possess an energy and unrelenting drive as they try to move their business from vision to reality. Unfortunately, not all employees will buy into the same vision with the same gleeful enthusiasm – which is why hiring the right staff, at the right time is so very important. The last thing an SME owner needs as they grapple with the bigger issues – like addressing cashflow and securing new contracts – is to deal with employees that are frustrating bottlenecks rather than part of a well orchestrated team.

So, when it comes to staff recruitment the advice could not be clearer – do it once, and do it right! Here are some suggestions to get the recruitment process right:

1. Spend A Thorough Amount Of Time And Thought On The Recruitment Process. It’s shocking how many SME owners simply don’t plan the recruitment of a new hire. It is important to ask the right questions before engaging in the talent search process – what skill shortages will the new hire address? What should their deliverables be? How will these deliverables be measured? The more thought the SME owner invests into the recruitment process, the more any potential new hire will be the right one instead of an expensive and soul destroying nightmare.

2. Develop A Well Devised Job Specification. Identify the tasks that the new hire will be responsible for, and merge these with the skills your business needs in order to grow. The more detailed and clear your job specification, the more likely you will be able to attract the right candidates for interview.

3. Devise A Consistent Interview Process When Interviewing Applicants. Don’t just “wing it”. Determine a well thought out interview process that will help identify the right candidate and filter out unsuitable ones. Revert to the skill sets and job specification we talked about above. Make sure the same series of questions and tests are applied to each candidate so that their responses may be accurately gauged. By wielding the right series of questions and tests, the interview process will help distinguish genuinely good candidates from those with just a good CV.

4. Don’t Ignore The Personalities – Be A Culture Vulture. While any new hire needs to be technically proficient, they also need to fit seamlessly into the culture of the organisation. Staff conflicts can happen because of personality clashes – and when this is the case, even a group of talented individuals may find themselves trapped in a toxic work environment, leading to reduced morale and productivity. A good talent search process will account for these soft issues during the interview process.

5. Hire A Reputed Recruitment Agency. In reality, while the above process is the right way to go about putting in place the best new hire, many SME owners simply don’t have the necessary experience or bandwidth for this. This is when hiring an expert recruitment company can be highly beneficial. The right talent search agency will first analyse your business, it’s needs and the requirement of the role – and identify the most suitable candidates for interview.

Building a dream team remains one of the most elusive and difficult aspects of business, and is a crucial requirement for growth and success. While recruitment can be time consuming, it is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Because, when you hire the right talent, the impact on business ROI can be many multiples of the investment in personnel.

CPG have been an established talent search and recruitment agency operating mainly across the UK & Ireland. Over the past 15 years, CPG have partnered countless companies to find the right staff to solve skill shortages and help accelerate business growth. The company also prides itself for helping business integrate and train staff as part of the wider business strategy. While other recruitment companies switch off once a role is filled, it’s only the starting point for CPG who are dedicated to improving ROI.

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