Many of the thousands of business owners I work with; generally hate networking. They feel uncomfortable; going in to a crowded room with hundreds of people; they don’t know. They have to muster every ounce of couraqe to go up to a complete stranger to introduce themselves when often uncertain of the reaction they’re going to get and in fact unsure if they’re someone they want / need to talk to in the first place. Over the past few years 1000’s of networking events have sprung up, in an attempt to boost business opportunities. Many of the events are poorly managed, without a particular focus or set agenda and it’s often pot luck as to whether or not you meet potential partners to do business with. Many business owners are adding more and more networking events to their calendar in the quest of finding new business and are disappointed with their lack of results. Two of the key challenges that SME owners face today are; attracting new customers and; not having enough time.  It’s often banded around that networking is a fundamental aspect to assist in the growth of your business. I believe it’s absolutely essential to build great partners around you; to accelerate the growth of you; and your business. However networking for networking sake; is a waste of time.  It’s important to get clear on what you really want. How many clients do you want / need to hit your targets for this year. Who are your target audience? Where are they? How can you gain access to them? Once you’re clear on this; you can build a strategy around how you can approach them and begin your business development process. Also get clear on who would be a good partner for you; someone you can potentially establish a joint venture with; which will be mutually beneficial.

Many business owners have networking exhaustion. They are tired of ‘prostituting’ there products / services to random people who may not have any interest or need for their products / services.  There are too many events, without a specific focus. People leaving with stacks of business cards; and often not even following up. I stand and watch people racing around a room to talk to as many people as they can; as opposed to; identifying two or three key contacts that could truly make the difference to their business and spending time cultivating relationships.

Some people determine a successful event by the number of cards they pick up. I much prefer to focus on few, not many, and establish a true connection. I work with people that I resonate with and that I like, that share my values. I then set up a meeting to explore the potential of working together. If there’s a mutual fit and benefit to work together, off we go; if not, I continue to keep them in my circle and refer business and help them in any way I can and move on.

So enough of doing more of the same; going to another networking event; doing the same thing and expecting a different result; is pure madness.

Change it up; do something differently – get clear on what you want and find out where you need to go and go get it.

Networking Top 10 Tips

1)      Get crystal clear on your target audience and how to gain access to.

2)      Laser target your events – only attend events that give you access to your TA.

3)      Get clear on your objectives for the event – set your intention on what you want to achieve and expect it. Monitor results from events you attend.

4)      Focus on giving – not getting. Focus on genuinely trying to solve key business challenges  and adding value whilst talking to potential customers.

5)      Focus on a few; not many – less is more. Have quality conversations, make a connection. It’s not about how many business cards you can collect.

6)      Be authentic; do what you say on the tin. Never make promises you cannot fulfil.

7)      Build rapport with people that you like. People that you resonate with and share your values. People do business with people they like.

8)      Never ask for business on your first meeting.

9)      Take business cards and pass on yours if asked.

10)   Follow up the contacts you want to explore doing business with and begin your sales process; don’t miss out on any of the steps.  Only do business with people you feel you can genuinely serve.


Like a butterfly, small businesses tend to have short lifespans.
That’s partly because small businesses, by their very nature, have fewer resources to draw on when times get tough — or even when they are too good.
With the odds stacked against them from day one, there are at least as many ways for small businesses to fail as to succeed. Here are 10 common mistakes for entrepreneurs to avoid, drawn from 20 years of experience from CPG Executive Consulting & Entrepreneurs Worldwide founder Helen Roberts and Start Up Britain Champion for Richmond, London.
1. Getting married to your idea. Not every idea is a good business idea. We encourage our small-business owners to go through a process of testing their idea by doing research, by speaking to other business owners and really testing to see if it is a viable business.
2. Not doing enough research. Similar to the first mistake, entrepreneurs often fall in love with their latest ideas of products or services without doing the necessary groundwork.
3. Not worrying enough about the owner/CEO. “By taking care of yourself, you can help ensure that you maintain that enthusiasm and positive attitude, which is so much a part of a small-business owner.
4. Failing to create and stick to a plan. Small-business owners hate to hear that advice. But a business plan helps you think through all the strategic elements and discover where you might need a Plan B.
5. Making yourself irreplaceable. (Entrepreneurs) don’t develop systems and processes, so the business relies too much on them.
6. Lack of money. Small businesses often run into trouble because they run out of capital to grow the business or survive a slowdown.
7. Losing touch with your customer. Sometimes in the day-to-day, crisis-to-crisis environment, there is the potential to miss an opportunity, identify a fatal flaw or see what your customer is doing.
8. Undercutting the market, and your business. Too often, small businesses undercharge for their products and services.
9. Going it alone. Small-business owners often tend to be islands unto themselves. That independence can be positive, but the risk is missing out on a “wealth of information and wisdom” from those around him or her.
10. No marketing or sales focus. You may have the greatest product or service in the world, but it rarely sells itself. Getting caught up in the day-to-day minutiae, and not getting the word out or contacting sales leads, can mean slow growth or even a slow death for your business.

During the week whilst giving an interview I was asked this question – Who and What in the world inspires me?

It’s a great question and always fun to think about what serves as my inspiration at any given time. I find not a day goes by without being truly inspired in some way. I seek out inspiration in so many people and things all over the place.

The number one for me in terms of “who” inspires me has to be; people living their dream, doing what they’re passionate about, what they love each and every day. People that know why they’re here, who are tuned in, playing full out and actively fulfilling their life purpose.
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing someone doing something they love, they work from a truly inspired place and create incredible success. They live a life on their terms and paint their own picture in life.

Having supported thousands of people in their career to date I know it’s a minority, the number people that find and do something they love. And as a result the majority work in an area they don’t enjoy and lead unhappy work lives which in itself has a knock on effect at home in their relationships and health and wellbeing. How many people do you know that have a restless night sleep on Sunday night and dread Monday mornings? And how many people do you know that sleep like a baby on Sunday night and can’t wait for a new week to begin?

I am truly inspired by the human spirit. People that have been knocked down a thousand times or suffered incredible hardships that get up each and every day and try again. People that succeed against the odds. Many entrepreneurs that decide to take life on and be the master of their own destiny inspire me. It’s a tough ride, there’s lots of bumps in the road and it’s that dogged determination, dedication and commitment that carries you forward. You keep getting back up and going for more, relentless in your journey of success. This really inspires me.

People that have had a tough life and continue to have a warm heart and to continue to see the best in people and things, inspire me. As an example I had a chance encounter with an old lady recently when I sat on a park bench. Her name is Anne. I had about 15 minutes to spare before running in to my next meeting. We got talking. It turns out she’d been married for 60 years and had lost her husband just two weeks before. She was also losing her eyesight, it was progressively getting worse and she was nearly blind. When her husband passed away she found it difficult to get out of the house, he always drove and now that her sight had deteriorated she could no longer. She told me that most days she was housebound. However that day was her birthday and she was determined to get out and feel the sunshine on her face. Anne told me she was 84 and felt like she was a 30 year old trapped in an old woman’s body. Accepting of her husbands’ death and health deterioration she still remained amazingly upbeat. Anne shared another story of having her purse stolen by a couple of teenagers just the week before. They asked her for the time which she obliged and in the process they stole her purse from her handbag. She has just collected her pension money. Her concern was not for herself but more for the youths themselves and the harm they may come to if they used the cash for drugs. She was also concerned for other elderly people that desperately relied on and needed their pension money in case it happened to them. There was not even a flicker of concern or self-pity for herself. Despite the incredibly difficult few weeks that she had I was truly inspired by Anne and how upbeat she was and how her heart remained full.

Athletes inspire me. They push out the boundaries, they are on a constant quest of getting better and better, they play full out, giving their heart and soul to achieve better results, to be the best that they can be. They have the courage to put themselves out there again and again. Andy Murray immediately springs to mind. He had been beaten in 4 major grand slam finals and questions were asked would he ever win a major. For the Olympic gold medal match he was the overwhelming underdog going in to that match having been beaten by Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final just a few weeks before where he broke down in tears in defeat. He dusted himself down, picked himself up and brought it, he was ready and like a true champion he took his opportunity. And again just a few weeks later at the US open. Despite all of the naysayers the doubters and the press on his case and the pressure of there not being a British champion for 76 years. Andy went on court with one thing on his mind, victory. He left it all on the court that day he gave it everything and was triumphant at last to win his first major. It was Andy’s destiny – it’s testament to his strength of character, it was his spirit that carried him through.

Roger Bannister and the 4 minute mile. He was told that he wouldn’t do it and that it couldn’t be done. He was told it was impossible and that he may suffer a coronary if he were to try. Roger pushed through and led the way. On the 6th May 1954 Roger broke the 4 minute mile. He ran it in: 3 min 59.4 sec. He believed he could do it and he did. In the following months a number of other athletes also broke the 4 minute mile.

I live in Richmond and therefore I’m close to Heathrow. When I see a Virgin plane fly over I think of Richard Branson and his values and what he’s been able to create in his career to date. An incredible man that has created a legacy. Richard truly inspires me.

What Else Inspires Me?
Running inspires me. I run 5 to 6 times a week. I find I come up with my most inspired ideas on my runs. I like to push my body to the limits and to continue to improve performance.
I am inspired by the outdoors, green spaces, sea/river, mountains, wildlife, animals. I am inspired by people taking action, being active – biking, hiking, running, walking, skate boarding, roller blading etc.
Music inspires me. People pitching up at the tube station or in random places playing an instrument.
Art inspires me. People tapping in to their creativity.
Books & poetry inspire me.
The sun, blue sky, nature in its constant state of change.
Travelling immersing myself in new cultures. Learning new things inspires me.
Ice cream – Haagen Daz inspires me.
People that create a legacy inspire me.
My Dad.
Single parents and so much more.

To be around inspirational people is truly uplifting. Seek out your inspiration and surround yourself with it, people or things that truly inspire you.

Tune yourself in to find out who and what inspires you in your life. It’s there in abundance we just have to change our frequency to tap in to it.

Who & What in your life inspires you? Who do you have in your life that shines a light for you..

Here’s to inspiring and being inspired!

FAO: Sarah Sands
London Evening Standard
Evening Standard Ltd
2 Derry Street
London W8 5TT
United Kingdom
19th September 2012

Dear Sarah,
I searched through the first 5 pages of your newspaper the Evening Standard today Wednesday 19th September edition, again and again to find the good news story around school leavers & graduates successfully finding jobs/starting a business and there wasn’t one. Not one around the 16 – 24 year olds that have been successful and landed a position. Instead what you served is utterly depressing. I know that bad news stories sell more papers however I think we need to think more about how we can truly serve our customers best. There are a record number of people between the ages of 16 – 24 unemployed that’s undeniable and we’re all too aware of it. Would your audience not have been better served if you had used at least one page or some of the pages to focus on the good news stories of school leavers and graduates finding positions? After all, 75% of school leavers and graduates are employed, not the other way around.

If I was a student and read your paper today, I would be well and truly depressed and defeated before I even started. I’d give up. I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. However that’s the exact opposite of what we need to help Britain get back on its feet.
Whereas if students had read about how other school leavers and graduates successful navigated the difficult job terrain and found a position, it would have given them some tips and most importantly – hope.

I am the MD of CPG Executive Consulting Ltd and CEO of Entrepreneurs Worldwide. I’m a career coach with 18 years- experience and have coached, mentored, trained and supported over 50,000 people in my career to date. I’m also an entrepreneur and have coached mentored trained and supported thousands of people to go in to business for themselves.
We are all too aware of just how tough the job market is out there for everyone, especially school leavers and graduates and one of the key determining factors of whether you will be successful in a job search, is your mind-set. It’s maintaining a positive attitude which is key – it’s getting up and bringing it, playing full out EVERY day no matter what. We need to encourage, motivate and support those unemployed every step of the way.

As the StartUp Britain Champion for Richmond one of the key areas we are focusing on is 18 – 24 year olds and encouraging them to think about starting a business. We provide a range of support services that can help get your business idea off the ground and in to a business very quickly. We will provide on-going, coaching, training, mentoring and support along the way. StartUp Loans is also a new initiative specifically targeted to help people between the ages of 18 – 24 years olds to get started in business. These loans are currently only available for people between the ages of 18 to 24. As of today 17544 businesses have been set up already this month – there has never been a better time to go in to business. Fortune favours the brave, if you want to find out more about the StartUp Britain campaign check out our website at: or to get in contact with me and attend our local events at:

There has been so much positivity around the Olympic games, London was such an inspirational and refreshing place to be. We should build on that momentum. Success inspires success. Look at what our athletes were able to create by working as a team and seeing each other succeed and inspiring each other to do better. That’s exactly what we need to do to for each and every school leaver or graduate or in fact anyone that is unemployed. We need to come together and develop a can do attitude and help and support each other to make it happen. We need to read about success stories which will inspire more success.

80% is attitude – 20% is technical for most interviews. There is increased competition so even more important that you play full out, that you prepare, look the part and present well. It can be nerve wracking and some people manage nerves better than others. It’s about practice, it’s about having a positive mental attitude, and it’s about believing that you will be successful, you will find that perfect job.

Come on London, I challenge every one of us to play a part and get behind a student TODAY. Let’s take them under our wing, let’s empower, inspire, motivate and support our youths to take action, to keep trying and to go after their dreams. Help them get clear on what they are looking for and encourage them every step of the way. The most important thing we can do is to help them stay focused and on track and encourage them not to give up and they will succeed.

You get what you focus on – positive or negative!

Yours faithfully

Helen Roberts
Tel: 0207 193 5885 & 07768 733 966

Here are some top tips to help navigate this difficult market and accelerate your return to the job market.
1) Make your job search your full time job
2) Create a well thought out, professional CV focusing on the experience required for each specific job.
3) 50% of CVs have typos and spelling mistakes – make sure yours doesn’t
4) Always tweak your CV to ensure its tailored specifically for each role you apply for
5) Only apply for jobs that you have at least 80% and above of the skills required
6) Focus on what makes you unique, different and your major achievements
7) Tell the client about who you are, what your values are and why they should hire you
8) Know your experience well – be able to talk about it fluidly
9) Create a cover letter for each application
10) Always follow up your application to ensure it has been received
11) Have a job search strategy – use at least 4 different avenues for your job search e.g. job boards, agencies, direct approaches, social media, newspapers, network etc.
12) Interview preparation is KEY – if you are not prepared you’ll flounder. Know what the interview process & style is in advance and prepare for it thoroughly. The more prepared you are the more control you have on having a successful outcome.
13) Practice, practice, practice your interview techniques. Ask people to do a ‘dummy’ interview with you.
14) Always ask for feedback on your interview and take it on board and improve on it
15). Take massive action each and every day
15) Look and dress the part.
16) If you don’t have any experience – volunteer

Are you a SLAVE to your Business? Or can your Business run effectively without you in it?
One may ask has there ever been a better time to start a business. There are literally hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the UK & Ireland & millions around the Globe. Some are one person and some are a few hundred employees. There are so many small businesses, it almost seems that everyone is doing it. Almost everyone IS doing it. It is a smart thing to do, just for the tax benefits alone. Many small business owners decide to go in to business for themselves, to create time & financial freedom, to be the captain of their own ship, instead of being at the mercy of an employer. So why do so many business owners get trapped and become a slave to their business? Often working longer hours than they did in their JOB, often earn less and suffer greater amounts of stress and pressure. It happens because the business owner becomes the business and it won’t function without them. Ask yourself can your business run effectively without you? If the answer is no, you are a slave to the business, you have to be there to make money.
Just because you are self-employed and own a business, doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. The difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner is the mindset of how you go about building your business.
Take an example: an Interior Designer, an Architect, Lawyer, or even a Doctor. All could own their own business, large or small, but if the business depends on the talent of the business owner to be there and perform the work, then the person is just self-employed. As an entrepreneur, the mindset and therefore the daily tasks are slightly different. As an entrepreneur, your daily routine is working on designing the systems to keep the business running, and then putting those systems into action. In both cases the self-employed or entrepreneur might work 70-80 hour weeks. The self-employed person works to make money, while the entrepreneur works at making money work for him/her.
Observe a day at your office. Are you building the business or are you running the business? If you find that you are running the business, don’t be surprised if you are still working the same “job” after 20 years and ready to retire with nothing to show for it. If you are simply running the business, your business is your “job”, with no fringe benefits paid for by someone else. However, if your mindset going into work every day is, “What system should I put in place to automate the [fill in the blank] part of the business today?”, you have a mindset of an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurship is an art. It takes practice and requires a lot of knowledge of disparate areas of business. It also takes a certain mind set, which unfortunately, many business owners never seem to learn. The baby boomers are now retiring, many of whom are self-employed business owners with no money to retire. They ran successful businesses for 30 years or more, but sadly they never learned that running a business and owning an automated business are very different. And after 30 years they result in two very different outcomes.
Make the best use of your time today and every day. As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime”. If giving the fish is doing the daily work of the business, while teaching others to fish means the work is now repeatable on its own, then be the one teaching others to fish. Be the one focused on building the systems that can be repeatable without you. That is where real value is created. And in the end, the sum of those values determines the worth of your businesses.
Written by Helen Roberts

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Helen Roberts is a gifted leader, a popular trainer at live events, a coach and a mentor. Her fast-paced, authentic style, her incredible energy and passion will not only inspire you, you will be empowered knowing you can overcome your personal obstacles to be the best that you can be and live an incredible life!

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